Faye's Dance's Preview

Here is a preview of Faye's Christmas recital dance number.


Halloween pictures

Here are even more pictures from the fall, including Halloween. They are all in the same album as last time so some of the pictures you might have seen before. Fall is going good.

We went to watch the CSU and UNLV game last weekend and met up with Daren. We had a good time with Grandpa Floyd and Jill. We got to hangout with Daren a little. And we got to see a little of LV.

Halloween was fun Faye was a fairy and Lori was a clown. We did the trunk'r treat and did some neighborhood knocking too.

Church has been going well. Lori is still in primary and is also has a stake girls camp calling too. It has been lots of work, but it looks like it will be fun. Hopefully it won't include a Dalley meat mess... or the like. Oh, Bret still hangs out with the teachers.

Bret recently got a promotion at work. He is now the Operations Manager. He also finishes his MBA next week.

I think that is all from us...


Faye loves the blue face girls

I just changed our video. Faye loves this song.


Fall 2011

We have been having a very good Fall so far.

We have been working in the yard alot. In the slide show, check out our new front yard!

We volunteered at the marathon. THANKS DALLEYS! For housing the 4th ward's youth for the night in Pine Valley so we could man the starting line Aid Station. Most Dalleys will really enjoy that a BYU track student won the SG Marathon...

We visited the Corn Maze at Stahli Farms. Faye was so excited to meet Grandpa Stahli. We played in the corn slide, at the petting zoo, watched the pig races (complete with pig nose), we hung out with the witch that lives in the farm's old grainery, we walked around the pumpkin patch... oh, and we did the corn maze.

Some of the photos are garden pictures, we got a watermelon this year! We also have been eating our fair share of squash. We tore out the squash 1/3 of the garden on Saturday. That only leaves the tomatoes and peppers left (oh and the under-performing pumpkins).

Well, other than that we are doing good. I only have 4 more weeks of school left. Lori was in a recital put on by her voice coach. Faye is in dance and swimming right now and loves the two play groups she belongs to. Marley is frustrated by all of the sprinklers that have been running on our lawn during overseeding. She hates the sprinklers and sits far away from them and will whine.

We did do a Jim and Lori Olsen family reunion at the USU homecoming, but more on that later...