Birthday Photos

Here are some Birthday pics from our get together at Floyd and Marilyn's. Thanks you for all of you that sent gifts and wishes of love. She was a very happy One Year old. Here Mom and the little one play with a See and Say gift.
She also loves to help her mom with the wash coming out of the dryer...


Misc November

This month was great. We had a great time with all of my family for Thanksgiving in Pine Valley. Summer and Johnny came too! It was so fun to have all the kids around to play and have some pre-birthday fun. Arti, Cody and my folks have promised pictures, I'll post'em whne I get'em. Here are some photos that I do have from the cell phone.

I also had alot of activities with the young men/scouts; temple trip, Care Center FHE, Eagle project, Environmental Sci reports, etc. I'll be back again real soon... Bret