here is my star

Faye was the star of her dance recital. (It was Peter Pan, and she danced with the "Second Star to the Right"). She loved dancing, but maybe enjoyed curtain call even more! Her teacher is in one of the pictures as Tiger Lily (the Indians did a Bollywood dance), and hip hop Tinker Bell is in another one.



Here's the pictures

Here's the pictures.



24th of July words only

Hello world:

I thought I would do a post-Snow Reunion post. We attended the Snow Family reunion from July 20th to the 24th.

We started things off with The Little Mermaid production at Tuacan. Faye loved it. She was engaged the entire 3 hours. The weather was perfect and the show was very good. Faye loved to listen to her favorite songs especially. We went with Al, Nancy, Erica, Joe, Jessica and Tyson.

Afterward we did a meet and greet with some of the cast. Faye would not go anywhere near the Sea Witch or the two eels. She was afraid of the crazy chef at first but they became good friends after a little encouragement. She loved meeting mermaid sisters, Scuttle and Flounder. She was just giddy to take her picture with Eric and Ariel! We had such a great time!

The next morning I got to golf at Sunbrook with Warning and Holland. I really like that course. We met up with everyone (all 87 or so of the Snows) at the Veyo Pool for lunch and swimming. We love the onion rings and pronto pups (huge corn dogs). Faye especially loved borrowing cousin Paige’s pink tube (thanks Paige). We were the last ones out of the pool because the pink tube was so fun.

Friday Faye and I went fishing for a while with Cody and Parker. Jesse, Kelly and Joe were already there and had much better luck than we did. Later we played on the giant waterslide/bounce house combo and had a great lunch from Staheli’s too.

Saturday was the games. Lori and me won the licorice kiss for the 3rd year in a row. We also won at the balloon toss for the first time ever. Faye loved the stick-horse run and her foot race too. She thinks Cracker Jacks are great and wants to compete in more events next time.

I played at Ledges later the afternoon. I was teamed with people that I hadn’t every really got to know before and I was glad for it. Dallin, Cory and Jaron were a great group and I hope to hang out with them all more in the future. I collected the most animals, Warning won closest to the pin and longest drive, I think he might have been the best wolf too.

Sunday we went to church. Trevor gave baby Miles a very wonderful blessing. What a great think to do a blessing in the PV chapel like that! Faye loved PV primary too. She cried hard when we had to extract her from the old tithing house to get her to say good buy to Grandma Lori and the Cody Olsens.

Let’s see what else? During down times we played games (Lori and Faye) and talked about the benefits of wooden bats in junior college baseball (Bret). Marley got stung by a bee on the nose and her face swelled up pretty good, but some Benadryl helped her out. Faye and Lori made jewelry, a window hanging, a foam turtle, pipe cleaner crowns and lots of other crafts. Holland and me made pico-de-gallo from my garden’s veggies. We got to play Bean game with Holland, Cody and Kim.

Sunday night we got to hang out with just Charise, Chris, Al, Nancy, Scott, Amie, Scott’s girls, Charise’s girls and Stan. It was fun to just relax and get to catch up with them a little more. Faye thinks Paige and Brynn are the best (they got to feed the horses carrots and play imaginary dance class).

Hopefully I can pull the pictures off of my camera very soon. -Bret