finally an update

Well it has been a while. Let me start with a Christmas wrap up. It was great. We spent it in Pine Valley with my (Bret) parents all my siblings and their immediate families. Grandma and Grandpa Snow (Stan and Betty) were there too. We had Mari with us and everybody very generous to her THANK YOU. It was a ton of fun; we played games goofed around in the snow and crashed our sleds.

Highlights in the photos are:

Grandpa Stan, Faye and the birthday tractor.
Faye and Mari loved pink curlers.
Bella puppies.
Snow tunnels.
Lori and the train whistle.

Soon after we came home it became evident that it would be best for us and Mari if she moved back in with her Aunt. So Mari is back living with her aunt for now. It was hard to admit (for us and her) that this was the best path. We hope she enjoyed her time with us and this newest change is going to work out. She really liked Grandma Lori and Holland.

Since then life has gone back to normal. We work on the house, we go to work, and we are active in the primary (Lori) and youngmens (Bret). Faye enjoys nursery, playing at Paiges’ house (her babysitter) and golfing with Daddy and Marley in the front yard.

Marley is getting very good at retrieving golf balls, we’ll have to do a video soon. She also is very athletic. Every weekend Bret works on her pen and after a few hours she finds a way out. She has proven that she can leap over 5.5 feet tall! She chewed through a nylon cable and broke a collar. She is unstoppable.

Faye is also being very cute lately. She is hiding things for us to find “Where is the pink book?” she will ask after she has hidden it under a blanket. She also knows that when Daddy isn’t home he is either “Daddy Golfing” “Daddy fix truck” or “Daddy working”.

Anyway finally I wanted to include the music video of a band from St. George that sings about the Twilight movies. Some blog readers (of their husbands) might relate. Lori thinks the line "... has the hots for teenage boys and thinks it's alright..." Lori is one of the only women I know that thought the books were "Lame".