christmas 09



New addition to our family

Hello family!

I just wanted everyone to know what's new in our life this week. About six months ago we heard about Maridania and her cousin William. They are from Guatemala and needed a place to stay. We decided then that we would be willing to take them, but didn't hear anything else about it until just a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, since then William has been found a guardianship, so he's with another family, but Maridania still needed a place to go. She moved in with us on Tuesday night, and so far everything is going great. She's 11-years old, and as you can see, she and Faye get along great. Faye keeps asking for "girl" whenever Mari isn't here. We'll keep everyone posted on how things are going and be sure to check our blog! Love you all. Take care this holiday season, and we miss you!

love, Lori

Editor's note: I wanted to include Lori's email to her family here. I would better know how to address your questions on Maridrania if you posted them on the comments board. I'll try and get them by Sunday...?

I also wanted to add some pictures from Thanksgiving. We had Rob and Melinda stay at our house with their two boys. Faye and the boys got along well, especially with cartoons on the HULU. Dave and Kendra and their family were all here too, but they stayed at the Abby Inn. We had a great Turkey day at Floyd's. Holland even came, we (Holland and I ) took a football nap after the turkey.

My finger is feeling fine for those that have been asking.I cut it whittling a bolo tie for a scout that got his eagle. Pictures of some of my favorite scouts are included form that court of honor.

Also included is a picture of Faye still in her Halloween costume 3 weeks later, she loves it. Reminded me of the book "Where the Wild Things Are"