been to long....

Hello all:

I just wanted to drop a quick note about our lives lately. I think I will start with the most current events and move backward.

My mom served divorce papers to my Dad this week. He moved out last weekend. I don’t have a very good vantage point on all of the going’s on, but I do want to thank all you that are in SLC and helping out and such. They both need friends, that’s for sure.

This weekend we are going to SLC to see my Mom graduate from the University of Phoenix with her Bachelors degree. We are very proud and excited about her completion of this big step.

Friday night we will be going to the BEE’s baseball game with a lot of my family (Siblings and Snows mostly). We love the BEE’s. I purchased an online radio package that allows me to listen to every major league game (2434 games) so I have been listening to baseball too much lately.

I started my MBA with the University of Phoenix last month. On Wednesday I will be finishing my first class. It is going pretty good, but it sure is taking up a lot of time.

2 weeks ago, Lori was cast in a MORMON MESSAGE and filmed a 6-8 minute section of an Elder Holland talk. She played the young Pat Holland stranded on the side of the road with a broken car and 2 young children. She loves to ‘practice her craft’ and she especially liked doing some film work. She’s pretty amazing.

Faye is talking and playing a lot. She and I spend most of Saturday outside working on the yard. We are putting in sprinklers in the back and she is my best helper. She especially likes to use the purple PVC primer as paint. She and Marley love to spend time exploring the backyard and getting into trouble.

Our garden is going pretty well. We ate our first radishes this week and hope to get some spinach and other greens before it gets to darn hot. I sure with Grandpa Alan was around for some gardening advice… Our Apricot and Peach trees had beetles pretty bad last year so we poisoned the ground around them in the hope of flushing out any remaining larva after we pruned last fall. So we will not be getting any fruit off the trees this year. We planted a Pear in the fall and Navajo Blackberries this spring. Ohh and my artichoke came back too, surprise, surprise.

We spent Easter and Conference with Grandpa and Grandma Snow in Pine Valley. Jim and Lori, Cody and Kim + boys, Arti, and Holland all came. Bob and Sharon+ Rex were in town too. It is always fun to get up there and just relax.

Our truck died, and now it’s gone. We are going to try to be a one car family until fall. Cody and Kim did it for much longer, so we think we can do it too.

Holland and I played some golf, once with Uncle Bob. I get smoked…

I passed a LEAN certification test with Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME), and had the high in the class. This is a certification that I have been working on since ’08. Now all I have to do is put together my peer reviewed portfolio… Lori has been calling me ‘black-belt’ ever since. Silly Lori… Black belt is SixSigma not LEAN… (I put that in just for you Brian M.)

Well that is enough about us. Remember we always have an extra bed in the guest room open if you are interested.