Nellis AFB show with the scouts

On November 7th and 8th I went with the scouts to Nellis Air Force Base to watch an the yearly airshow. We stayed Friday night at Warm Springs near Moapa, NV. It has a great pool and camping accommodations.

The next morning we went into Vegas for the airshow. Because we had the scout trailer we had to park in ADA parking, saving us more than an hour exiting and entering the show by bus.

The show was great, but I only had a camera phone, so these are the only pictures that were even close to decent. The F-22 was my favorite, plus we have a part that goes on them that we buld at work.


halloween 2008

These are some of our Halloween Photos. We went as Duck, Duck, Goose... We spent that night in Hurricane with Floyd and Marilyn. They were great hosts. Like Floyd, our duckling sure liked the boxes of Mike n'Ikes. Some of the photos are from our Apartment complex party, so those are the ones with the kids and the Spudnuts. What's that you say... What's a Spudnut? Well imagine potato bread fried and dripping with a sugary glaze... A favorite of mine. Ohh and we included a monkey, same little buddy from the give me back my toy video