Lori is the Best

I just wanted everyone to know how Awesome Lori is. She created the best birthday party ever. Faye was always asking what kind of birthday I wanted. She had a princess party and, so of course, all other birthday parties should have a theme. Well, off hand I would tell her that I wanted an AGGIE birthday, mostly because every year for my birthday candle wish I ask for an Aggie win in the NCAA tournament.

When I got home from work I was greeted with AGGIE signs in the windows, pictures of Coach Stew on the walls and even a scattering of “Wild Bill” photo’s in the living room! We had a “GO AGGIES” ice cream cake and played a game of pin-the-tail-on-Big Blue! She invited over Grandma and Grandpa Snow and we all filled out our NCAA brackets. Even the dog Marley did a bracket (picked all the ‘dog’ mascots and picked against all the ‘cat’ mascots). I got an AGGIE shirt and wore it later in the week when watched the Aggie game at Floyd’s.

The party it took some planning and some careful thought. I think that she is the greatest! She even puts up with me for the few days that I pout after the Aggies lose!


Spring time post

So I thought I would do a quick update.

Faye is researching dance classes; she has tried one out already. She is trying to find a balance between the rigid snooty schools where the moms all wear matching track suits and the crazy go nuts schools with the teacher wearing a grateful dead t-shirt and leading the little girls in a modern interpretation of David Bowie’s Labyrinth and Lady Ga-Ga’s poker face mash-up. So if you have suggestions for a class that is organized, but not stuffy we are taking them…

She also is a great helper. She has been learning how to make toast, how to plant peas and sunflowers, how to feed Marley and does a great job at cleaning her room.

Lori got notice not to cut her hair from the church’s media department. She is being considered for some of the New Testament speaking roles in the new seminary videos that will be filmed in June. She auditioned a couple months ago and made the casting director cry a little during the women at the well scene, so hopefully she gets another call back soon. Anyway to be considered out of the 3000 people that auditioned for 6 spots isn’t too shabby.

In other news, she is working on toning-up and enjoying Zumba and Yoga lately. Until Bret began the newest sprinkler and landscape project she had paid off all the credit cards!

Beautiful, Talented and Smart!

She finally got the planter boxes that Bret has been working on for over 6 months and enjoyed this weekend’s sun pulling weeds and singing songs with Faye outside in the garden.

Bret just finished his Stats class. He struggled, but it’s over. He is looking forward to the NCAA tournament, especially since his Aggies just beat LA Tech 72 to 30! They seem to be warming-up at exactly the right time.

His garden is one-third in with the rest to follow on Tuesday. He purchased a wood chipper once he saw that wood chips were about $6 a bag. He chipped most of Saturday and accounting for labor, gas and cost of Dr Pepper he should break-even sometime in 2014.

He is looking forward to his Birthday which, much like Uncle Al’s birthday, will be a week long event. It starts with Golf on Thursday, new tenny-runners on Friday, The WAC tourney on ESPN 2 on Saturday, and Red Robin with Lori and Faye on Tuesday (with homework, baseboards and wood-chipping sprinkled in).

Speaking of sprinklers... it’s that time of year again when Bret hand digs trenches and does advanced trig calculations to figure out how to install a sprinkler system. Did you know you will void your home owners insurance policy if you install a backflow preventer on the inside of your coat closet? Even though it seems like a logical location to keep it from freezing. I don’t know, there’s something in the policy about flooding the entire house if the line looses pressure…

Marley had her pen moved. It is much larger now and not as close to the noisy ‘white dogs”. She has been sunbathing on the top of her dog house Snoopy style. She still hates sprinklers, black labs and noisy implements like wood-chippers. This spring she is looking forward to a dog-run surrounded by sunflowers and cosmos.

Happy Spring time everyone!