August 2009

We had a great time with the family this last weekend in Zion's NP. We did Orderville Canyon into the Narrows. It was the first time repelling for some. We took Arti, Cody, Kim, Lori M, Bret, and my friends Brent and Ryan. Thank you Mom and Dad for watching the kids and dogs (they had run-ins with the cops twice while we were gone). Thank you Dad and Cody for the shuttle car trip. WOW we did allot of mud on the way back!

I just wanted to do a quick note on the passing of Lori's Mom, Marilyn. She passed on Tuesday, August 4th with Lori, Her sweetheart Floyd and sister Deanna in the hospital room with her. We had some very special and tender experiences over the first two weeks of August and are very grateful to our family and friends for their support.

We are especially grateful for the comfort of the Holy Ghost and its wittiness of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also grateful for some of the tender-mercies allowed by our Heavenly Father as He prepared us for her passing. We know Marilyn is happy, safe and busy on important business for our Savior.

I've included the program here, click on it for a closer view: