june pictures

Here are pictures of our latest adventures.
Bret and Holland replacing the sliding doors with french doors is there.
Faye at the Gunnison parade.
Faye in Cane Beds AZ on the 4th.
Lots of garden pictures.
The first lawn mowing after we put in sprinklers.
Fathers Day with Floyd and Holland.
Faye's new Dora Bike.

Faye hurt her toe and we put a bandaid on it,
she freaked out until we put toenail polish on the bandaid.



I just wanted to write a little note about the 4th of July we had.

We left for Gunnison on Friday right after work. We got to the park in time to have dinner with Cody’s Familily and Mark Bucannan’s family. Faye loved playing on the playground with AO and PO. Mark has a 3.5 year old daughter that Faye took to and followed constantly for about 2 hours. We then got some shakes at Shelly’s and watched the fireworks and listened to a Neil Diamond impersonator with Kim, Cody and the boys. Cassie Brown let us crash at her home, she is so great.

Saturday morning we went to the loins club pancake breakfast at the park. Then we watched the parade. Faye loved the princesses, especially the rodeo and dairy princesses on horses. She got a ton of parade candy, once she figured out that she had to run after it and fend off the little boys that were faster and more aggressive. She called out for Jenny when the Browns walked their oxen up the street and got a big strawberry milk from one of Tanya’s boys! She also like to dance along with the drill team and cheerleaders.

At the carnival I got to meet up with Paul Mogle, Brenten Peterson Joe Mellor and Jared Young. We also got to hang out with Aaron and Tina Pickett, down all the way from Olympia, WA. Tina was a friend of Lori’s in college so they got to hang out. Lori also got to talk some with Nannette, that was good for them both. Faye liked the Dyreng’s mini train and the fish pond the best. She also got a snow cone and cotton candy… combined with some parade sugar she was wound-up pretty good.

We decided to skip the rest of Bro’s-day (sorry Mayfielder’s) and we headed to Cane Beds AZ, by way of highway 89. It was sure pretty going through the winding and green valleys on the way to Kanab. We did introduce Faye to the Ideal Dairy and punch bags!

Floyd was giving a speech on his families involvement with a historic school house in Cane Beds that his grandfather built and taught in during the 1910’s and 20’s. It sure was fun to hear Floyd reminisce about growing up (and liking it) in the sandy homestead (a literal homestead). We had a potluck there with a mixture of Polygamists, homesteaders, hippies, a Greek family, ranchers and some Native Americans. Faye collected rocks and played in the sand.

That night we parked in Paula’s Mexican Food’s parking lot and watched fireworks.

On Sunday David and Kendra’s family drove through town and we had fireworks in the street with them (outlawed in CA, crazy state). Lori’s Aunt Diana stopped by and said “Hi”. Little David’s and friend Alisa stayed the night and they both ate dinner with us on Monday night after a day in Zions NP.

Anyway it was a great weekend to see old friends and catch up with family!

We always seem to have great 4th of July’s.