Heavy Metal Wizard Christmas

So this is another post, yup... two in a week! I just got our photo's off of the camera from Christmas so I thought I would share with you some of them.

Some notes... Yes there is a Christmas picture with a heavy metal wizard telling a Dungeons and Dragons style of story. There is a Christmas elf with a big, live bird. And a Greek, Red-head Mrs. Clause. There are a few of Holland, Arti and Jim. Oh and check out the matching dresses and PJ's that Faye got for herself and her doll/baby. Some snow pics with Marley and some tumbling class pictures also made the cut.


What happened in March

First of all I missed the music player that I used to have on here, but often didn't work and was kind of annoying sometimes... So I have a new section of the blog called Sweet videos. You can find it in the top right corner of your screen. So go check out Jimmy T's "One More Try" and go ahead and steal the dance moves...

Here are some March Pictures. It was Bret's birthday. We had an AGGIE birthday and filled out our final four brackets, played pin the tail on BIG Blue and had Grandma and Grandpa Snow over for ice cream cake.

On the night before St. Patrick’s Day we rigged up a completely-functional trap at the end of a finger-painted rainbow complete with fake gold coins to try and catch a Leprechaun. We missed but he left us some candy in his pot and a pair of green gloves instead.

We've been having fun in the garden too. Faye is great at planting seeds and we are already eating our radishes, mustard greens and bok choy.

Bret bought a wood chipper because Lori wanted wood chips in part of the yard and the chipper would cost less than the chips... Well now he spends a portion of every week chipping wood that he gathers from around the neighborhood. A few pictures are included of him chipping up the neighbors trees.

He also decided that the string on the kite winder was not of good enough quality so he used a drill to remove the old string and replace it with new string. Lori thought this was a crazy idea...

Finally we found a dance class that was right for us. Faye will be a star (she plays a star in the night sky) in the troupe's (is that what it is called?) production of Peter Pan... I can't wait.

Baseball season is HERE!

This week is always one of my favorite. The Masters, Baseball Opening-Day and The Final 4 all happen within 8 days of each other. It is only rivaled with the week where the World series overlaps the beginning of football.

What an Angel's game last night. It was nice to see former SLC Bees really come through (exept for Brandon Wood... what a head case). Bourgos (pete-ie-b) scored the winning run in the 14th! Walden, Bulger and Kohn really came through out of the bull pin too! Check out speedy Pete on his winning run...

I'm so excited for our great outfield, Wells Hunter and Bourgos might be the best defensively in MLB... If our bull pin can keep the ball in the park we should do okay.


Oh and did I mention it is always fun to rub it in Holland's mug when the Red Sox are doing HORRIBLE!