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havisupai hike, summer fun

Here are some pictures from our havisupai hike. I went with a great bunch of guys from the Sunset 4th ward. We spent 2 nights and 3 days in the Grand Canyon area. I hope to post more about it later.

These are some pictures from the splash pad downtown and also walking around up on the sugarloaf (red hill).


Belated "Happy Fathers Day"

Happy Father's Day! I know it is a little late, but I wanted to share with everyone my great Father's Day gift from Faye. She is getting to be so organized. She loves to gather things and put them away, in this video she really puts her talent to good use. We had Floyd and Marilyn over for dinner this sunday and Lori made a great batch of pies. We also had shish-kabobs and potato salad. the weather was great and we relaxed on the patio. It was a great, lazy Father's Day afternoon.


PS: Lori and I are hiking the Narrows and have a few remaining spots on our permit if anyone would like to come with us on August 22nd.


Happy 50th Floyd and Marilyn

Over the Fourth of July weekend Lori's parents had an open house celebrating their 50 years together. All of Lori's Brothers and their families traveled to St George for the event. The crowd was over 30 people strong and included Camden Marchant (great grand child) Marilyn's brothers Albert (WY) and Brent (Price) Langston and their families and many others from all over the West. It was the first time that some of the cousins had seen each other in over 6 years, and with Ryan Wilkinson (Mike's oldest) set to go on a mission it will be the last opportunity for that to happen over the next two years.

We had a reception on Friday night complete with singing and memories about Floyd and Marilyn. Rich (Lori's brother) was in charge of the music and program and even composed a song that he an Lori sang in honor of the couple. The daughters-in-law decoration and cake committee did a wonderful job turning park benches into a beautiful outdoor reception (the cakes and punch were awesome). We were so glad so many old friends showed to remember and celebrate Marilyn and Floyd.

We had a golf outing on Friday morning to Sky Mountian in Hurricane. Winners include:

Open Champion: Daren Wilkinson
Grandpa Division 1st Place: David Wilkinson
Mr. Congeniality: Rob Wilkinson
Long Ball Champion: Rich Wilkinson
Fox and Hound Division 1st Place: Mike Wilkinson
College Champ: Ryan Wilkinson
Women's Open Division 1st Place: Ann Wilkinson
Best-Ricochet-Off-of-a-House: Holland Olsen
Novice Division Champ: ("Little") David Wilkinson
Only One '3' Putt: Bret Olsen

The rest of the family did a marathon shopping trip in preparation for the party, 7 stores in 3 hours!

Thursday night we went to the temple for Ryan's endowment. It was very special to be there with all of Lori's family. We felt the spirit very strongly and it reaffirmed the importance of and our commitment to eternal families. Thank you Ryan for choosing to include us in this special occasion.

We had lots of fun playing games until 2 in the morning, playing a marco polo game for almost 4 hours, In n'out Burgers, Fireworks at Aunt Deanna's, Movies, pool, a great vacation house, yelling at Uncle Bruce, spending an extra 2 days with Rob & Mindy and their boys, and a whole bunch of other fun things.

Thank you to all those that made this such a great weekend!!!