Halloween Music

Some of my favorite Halloween music is by Danny Elfman, so I added some of my favorites (Edward Scissorhands, batman, Simpsons with the great Phil Hartman) to the blog...



the chair is not my friend

I decided it's time for me to join in the posting fun. Bret took these pics with his phone one night while I was doing a show, and I think they are so funny....
Look daddy, I'm under the chair!
Uh-oh--help, I'm stuck!
I'll bite this chair!!


Farm visit and Colorado State football

We recently went to the Staheli Family Farm Corn Maze as a family. Here are the pictures of our Fall photo shoot:

We also went to a Colorado State football game with Floyd and Marilyn Wilkinson, Rob, Mindy, Preston and Andrew and uncle Bruce Wilkinson. Darren W. survied a pretty ugly game on the side lines. We stayed at Lori Snow Olsen's and got to see Cody, Kim and the boys and Arti and Holland too. Here are some pics from the weekend (cellphone pics):


My pictures, 4th folder, 4th photo

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The first one is Lori's photo. It is of her nieces and nephews on a trip we took to Colorado. The second is Bret's photo, of course it is a scout one, a teacher skim boarding on the Virgin River.

Since Arti and Summer and Amber were tagged with us by Harmonie; we tag:
Cody and Kim
Holland, so he can have a new post...
Amy and Matt
and Lindy and John


september photos

These are some random September photos: the little one sure likes dolls.


October fun

We had a busy weekend. Bret took the Boy Scouts to the Greys Ranch area between Pine Valley and Pinto. He thinks the Snows used to do a deer camp there? It snowed slightly during the night, but really began to come down hard just as they were packing up.

Lori had her last weekend of shows. She has made some good Friends and loved doing a substantial 5 week run. She says that she "will miss the miss-understood Medlock". Recently we saw Big River with Floyd and Marylin. It was a great show, how does anyone else do this show without having a real river like Tuacahn? Plus they had real rain, and Black powder muskets to fire and horses and a pig... It was Lori's favorite of the season and that is saying something.

Faye is growing so fast. She is getting top teeth now and slobbers like crazy. On cleaning day (Monday) she and her mom play music really loud and do chores. Faye likes music a bunch and now bounces (see video) with the beat of the music. Her dad is calling her "stinky" as a nickname less and less, because she is so mobile and curious she is more of a "little Critter". She also loves to go watch Angel's baseball with her Dad and Uncle Holland, unfortunately Uncle Cody reigns supreme this year again (Red Sox fan). Faye can't wait for the Jazz to start up in Ernest.

We had so much fun last weekend with Stan and Betty Snow, Lori (Bret's mom) and Arti. We forgot to take pictures but Arti has a couple. We also went to dinner and saw Lori Michelle's show with everybody on that Saturday. It was the last Saturday the Snows would be in town for a while. They got out of the cold weather just in time too...

I had better get back to putting all of my smokey smelling scout stuff away...


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