Baseball season is HERE!

This week is always one of my favorite. The Masters, Baseball Opening-Day and The Final 4 all happen within 8 days of each other. It is only rivaled with the week where the World series overlaps the beginning of football.

What an Angel's game last night. It was nice to see former SLC Bees really come through (exept for Brandon Wood... what a head case). Bourgos (pete-ie-b) scored the winning run in the 14th! Walden, Bulger and Kohn really came through out of the bull pin too! Check out speedy Pete on his winning run...

I'm so excited for our great outfield, Wells Hunter and Bourgos might be the best defensively in MLB... If our bull pin can keep the ball in the park we should do okay.


Oh and did I mention it is always fun to rub it in Holland's mug when the Red Sox are doing HORRIBLE!


Arti said...

I love you and I love baseball season. It's always nice to give Holland a little jab wherever we can :)