Lori is the Best

I just wanted everyone to know how Awesome Lori is. She created the best birthday party ever. Faye was always asking what kind of birthday I wanted. She had a princess party and, so of course, all other birthday parties should have a theme. Well, off hand I would tell her that I wanted an AGGIE birthday, mostly because every year for my birthday candle wish I ask for an Aggie win in the NCAA tournament.

When I got home from work I was greeted with AGGIE signs in the windows, pictures of Coach Stew on the walls and even a scattering of “Wild Bill” photo’s in the living room! We had a “GO AGGIES” ice cream cake and played a game of pin-the-tail-on-Big Blue! She invited over Grandma and Grandpa Snow and we all filled out our NCAA brackets. Even the dog Marley did a bracket (picked all the ‘dog’ mascots and picked against all the ‘cat’ mascots). I got an AGGIE shirt and wore it later in the week when watched the Aggie game at Floyd’s.

The party it took some planning and some careful thought. I think that she is the greatest! She even puts up with me for the few days that I pout after the Aggies lose!


Cody said...

She is the best, and also I think we all have a little case of the blues (no pun intended) after an aggie loss.