"Ta Da"

I got some more pictures from Valentines weekend from Arti so I am posing this album again. There are some new "Ta Da" ones of the little one that are pretty good. I don't think we talked about hiking around Snow Canyon ST park, well we did, and there are some pictures from that too.

I can't find my camera, have you seen it? Maybe with ARTI's phone?

I think there is a stray of a scout campout in there too. My scouts are awesome. On this campout we went with 2 other wards and my boys were the very best behaved. They sure make me very proud. Troop yell: "NOT IT". It drove the stake leaders nuts that anytime someone said, "16th ward" the boys would yell "NOT IT" at the top of their lungs.

Man was it weird having the weekend off from scouts. Ohh well, at least we have scouting for food coming.

Also did anyone catch the USU win over Nevada? Awesome! "Seasoned, Mature Grown Men" the announcer kept saying. Did you know that Gary Wilkinson is older than 200 of the players in the NBA? LDS missions are the greatest. "You think college is hard? Go get a job in a 3rd world country for 2 years." Was my other favorite quote during the half time show.

Anybody ready for the bracket-ology to begin? TIP ONE: Cody will take your money and not feel guilty.

I'm 30! So I went retro with the play list to a band I remember from the 80's. Oh and one of the songs features BILL SHATNER which is cool too. Birthday notes: Breakfast play time with villa, golf with Holland, Red Robin Bonsai Burger and Fries with Lori, USU game with Holland...What a perfect day.
Man can Holland hit a ball. 35 on 9 at Red Hills this week... CRAZY.


Summer Navarrete said...

Happy Birthday Bret!

Lindy Salmon said...

30! Dude, you are getting so old . . .

Love the "Not it!" cheer.

kjerstina said...

She is so stinking cute!
And HB, Brett. Thirty isn't so bad...

Haven said...

Fun pictures! Fae is growing up so fast. We miss you guys. Congrats on the house!