west rim 09 4th ward preists

Yesterday I was able to go on a hike down the West Rim Trail in Zions with the boys in our new ward. Yes that is right after 3 years of scouts in the St George 16th Ward, I was called to be the YM secretary in the Sunset 4th Ward, only 2 sundays after moving into the 4th ward. I love being in the youngmens, it is the best calling.

Anyway here are some of the pictures of the hike. We did it in about 9 hours. Brother Stucki's(red pack)GPS says it took about 14.5 miles to do. We didn't do the Angel's landing section, but did leave the trail at potato hollow springs and cabin springs.

Our time was about 3.5 hours faster than when I went with the deacons last fall, because of the increased pace my calves are feeling it more this time.

Did I ever post that Lori was called to be the singing lady in primary? She loves it. She likes to make the props and practice the songs. Currently she is trying to mearge "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" with "Jesus once was a little child" for the july song. She is so talented.