Just an Update

There have been so exciting things happening in our “friends column”. Arti and Mom Olsen hanging with the Liberal Elite in DC, Amber getting engaged (awesome), Camille and a little Warning (that no breathing thing really sucks), Michelle and Brian in a new home. We are so happy for everyone!

Little news here. Bret had his tonsils out. The operation took 30 minutes, but the anesthetic kicked his butt so much he was in Post Op/recovery for 7 hours. He took 3days off work, and went back this morning to a full desk and plenty of yelling to do without a voice.

Lori and VF are having fun in their play group. They went to the park this week and VF finally decided wood chips are okay to play in. Previous trips to the park yielded a princess that wanted to be held and not walk in the chips.

Bret got a Second Miler award during the Virgin River District’s annual officers/awards banquet. He is excited to start a new year with a whole new budget to blow through with the boys. Here is the link to the Troop Blog he has been doing: Check it for Snow cave pictures.