As a family we went to see Holland participate in the Mr. Dixie Pageant on Friday night. Arti came in town to watch too and stayed the night. Holland was a very strong contestant, even in the dance number. His Talent was catching food (marshmallows and DOTS) in his mouth from distances and over his shoulder. It helps that his mouth is so big, it’s like fielding a baseball with industrial sized cargo net. He even was named MR CONGENIALITY!!! He is such a fun kid, we really enjoyed it.

Sunday we watched the Super Bowl at Paul and Tara Mogle’s home. They live in the Pine View Area, so they are pretty close. Their two little boys are a hoot. We cheered for the Cards, and they came sooo closssse! As far as Sunday evenings go, I say any time I get to eat Cheetos, Lil’Smokies and yell at Referees I am the real winner.

Our youngmen’s Basketball team won their first game this week, after being blown out by 20+ points the previous 2 weeks. I am still super involved in scouts, and because a non-member 12 year old in the area is getting baptized this month, he will have 3 Deacons, the most in the ward in 5 years!

Lori is teaching Villa how to blow kisses and say “NO”, well that second part she learned on her own. She has told Bret “no more kids until I get a house!” so she shops for homes on the internet and has new ones for Bret to see everyday when he gets home form work. She was completely opposed to the idea a year ago, but has had a change of heart. She is super cute and growing her hair a little longer. She has some auditions coming so hopefully a new show will be in the works soon (she even has been practicing her singing).

Very soon we hope to get more visitors, like Rob and Mindy and Arti again. We love In’N Out Burger so let us know if you are cruising through so we can get a shake or something.


Mogle Family said...

Hey guys, thanks for coming last night. It's always good to get together. We'll have to do it more! I didn't know you guys were looking for a home....are you getting serious about buying? Interest rates are really low so now is a good time! Good luck looking...there are a few homes in our neighborhood! Happy looking!

Amber said...

I'll be in town for President's weekend. Summer and I are going to do some wedding dress shopping. :) We should totally hook up though. Then you could meet my wonderful Kyle. :) Let me know what you think...