Kuala Pork and Karaoke

Valentines Day weekend is turning out to be so fun for us. Lori and I attended a show tunes concert of Broody Perry’s on Friday night. Lori takes voice lessons from him on occasion. He was very good. Best line of the night came from his violin soloist. The audience was mostly older and he said (before a Rockmonanoff piece) “let’s get it go’n! Open the piano lid all the way and turn your hearing aids down!!”

Afterward we met up with Arti, Holland and Carly at the Hawaiian Grill for some Kuala Pork and Karaoke. Everybody sang at least one song. Lori loves to belt out party favorites like “Oops I did it again” and “Turn around Bright eyes”. Villa just wanders around the restaurant and hung out with the great Polynesian families that are regulars on karaoke night.

Here are some pictures and the play list this week is a sample of our favorite songs we sang.


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