Closing Day TODAY

Well we closed on our house Friday afternoon. It wasn't painful at all, there were nice comfy chairs and sodas and cookies with sprinkles. We were done in less than an hour. The seller still needs to sign, and the deed needs to be recorded, but we hope to get keys by Monday.

Lori has been packing like crazy. Faye gets anxious when we move things around and pack her stuff, but has been getting better at putting things in boxes and not taking them out again.

I hope we can find some help on Wednesday night because there are 3 other people in our ward moving on that evening too. Our ward has some student housing and with graduation happening this week there is allot of moving going on. We had hoped on closing a week ago (and before that a month ago)so we could do some work on the house. Ohh well we will just have to take it as is.

We helped Stan and Betty move in to their place on Wednesday night. We are very excited to have them in the area again. We will be living within a few hundred yards of each other once we move.


Summer Navarrete said...

We will be in Cali and are sad we won't be around to help you. Good Luck

Kalie (+ the Jesse Boys) said...

WOW!! Good luck moving. That's always the best part because you get to de-junk! Don't you just LOVE signing all the paperwork too? I've never been so sick of my own name before. But this is really exciting for you guys. Post so pics when you get settled!

Arti said...

Well how cool is that!!! I'm so excited for you. I won't be there on Wednesday, but put me to work this weekend.