The move is off... for now

We have had a set back with the house. The bank won't be able to close until the 23rd of April, so we are living out of boxes in the Apartment still. We have an aggressive schedule to keep to get some work done on the house between when we close and when we have to be out of the apartments. I hope we can do some tile and Lori wants some painting done.

Good news is that the property managers of where we are now hadn't rented our place yet so we still get to stay where we are until we need to get out.


harmonie said...

Rotten! That is good that your current place hasn't been rented out. At least your're not in a motel or in family's spare bedroom, right?
We'll keep you in our prayers.

kimberly said...

We wondered what was going on. I'm sure it will all come together eventually, but maybe Faye can learn some sweet box climbing in the mean time. Someday soon I will download the zoo pics, that video of Faye and Aiden kissing is killer.
PS Also thanks for helping the cripple get home from the hospital.

Summer Navarrete said...

Bummer. If you can't make your 7 day window at the end of the month you are free to use our futon. I here it is quite comfy!

Amy said...

I am selfishly going to say - "Oh goodie!!" We are really going to miss you guys.

My offer still stands Lori! We have a bedroom...