We had so much fun on Halloween.

The night before we cooked Home-made Spudnuts (Donuts with a potato base). Floyd came, so did Stan and Betty, Holland came later and we had most of the kids in the neighborhood in our driveway. It has become one of our favorite Halloween traditions.

Halloween we went to our ward Trunk-r-treat. Faye was a Pegasus Unicorn, Lori was a witch and I was Tiger Woods. Faye really took the Candy in... Then we went to Holland's and watched the World Series game. It was a long night... thank goodness for the "Fall back".

I think I included a picture of my finger in the slides too so check out the Halloween scar.


Amy said...

I love your spud nuts. I NEED your spud nuts. Let's have a spud nuts party. I'll bring the milk.

kimberly said...

So cute,(We mean Faye, not your finger Bret). Miss you guys.
*#@! Yankees