Ramblings and Faye pics

Well the World Series is over and I am going through withdrawals. Man the Yankees were good! I wish the Angels could have signed CC or Cliff, at least they tried.

Ohh and the Angels signed Bobby Abreu over the weekend, come on Lackey, and Figgins!

Faye and I enjoyed some of it at Red Robin. She loved it there, especially the Mac'n Cheese, the crayons with coloring book, endless stake fries, a special kids cup, balloons and a giant statue of a Robin that is easily mistaken for a giant DUCK.

We have been sick this week. Faye has been snotty and Lori missed 2 days of work and rehearsal, then I came home early today. Instacare said it wasn't the swine flu, so that's good.

Ohh and I don't think I have blogged about Lori's show. She is playing the Mom in the stage version of The Christmas Story. She is really enjoying the production and how organized and professional it is. It will be playing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Here is a link to the website:

Ohh I took my stitches out yesterday, look'n good.


Lindy Salmon said...

So how did you get Red Robin to let you guys be their ONLY costumers?

bret and family said...

8:45 pm on a Wednesday... It was dead.