Halloween 2010

Hello everyone.

we have been having a pretty great FALL. It is one of my favorite times of year in SG. We have been harvesting allot of our garden this week. We got about 10 really good pumpkins and ton of peppers, some sad corn, a ton of spaghetti squash and enough potatoes to think we broke even on the potato experiment. We have had some great stuffed bell peppers this year.

We had a great party with Amy and Matt Dotson to carve our pumpkins. They were great hosts and Faye loved playing with their two girls.

We had a bunch of rain lately so Faye and I spent an afternoon playing in the gutter. Earlier last month we played with Marley at Washington City's park irrigation ditch.

Lori and Faye went to another Halloween party as Dorthy and the wicked witch. Faye loved sneaking up on the relief society ladies and snarling, "I get you my pretty!" On Halloween she was a fairy princess... she is fascinated with princesses right now.

Faye has been learning to play with sticks from some of the neighborhood boys. Instead of using them as swords or guns she likes to play 'pretty umbrella', magic wand and microphone. She even was banging on the car trying to turn it into a pink pumpkin!

Faye got to go to a giant witch party in SLC with Auntie Arti and Grandma Lori. She loved the witch dancing and the pretty red witch... it sounded like they had a bunch of fun.

Bret got to go to the CSU vs UofU game. Floyd ended up staying home so Cody and his boys plus Jim all came to a rainy and cold ball game. We got soaked, but had a good time cheering for the green and gold. Hopefully this weekend at the CSU vs SDSU game we can at least show our colors out side of our snow parkas. (Yes, we are going to San Diego for the weekend)

This month Lori has been to the Tuaccan Shows including taking Bret to Thriller. She has been supporting Bret in his MBA pursuit and learning to make bows that she hopes to sell at some Christmas boutiques. She also has been working with Rich on his album, ready to drop by Christmas.

We hope you are all doing well. If you are passing though SG on your holiday travels let us know so we take you to Faye's favorite cupcake store.



Aim said...

Love the witch! She is soooo cute! We love the fall too, great post!