USU bball, A Play, Trees and a toilet

What a great weekend we had! First, Grandma Great (Nancy) Olsen came into town with Grandpa Jim and cousin Crystal. We went to Heather's (another cousin) performance in "Hello Dolly". Heather did a great job as did the rest of the Desert Hills cast. Faye enjoyed the singing and dancing, but enjoyed the costumes the best. She had to visit every girl during the meet and greet to talk about their costume.

On Saturday we went to the USU v SUU basketball game in Cedar City. USU was playing pretty well and looked pretty crisp after that horrible loss on Wednesday to BYU. We met up with a couple of Bret's friends from work and with Paul and Tara Mogle friends of ours from our Aggie student ward days. Faye was in heaven 4 little boys to tease and share popcorn with! We even got to do the "winning team, loosing team" chant.

Sunday night we went to the Jubilee of Trees. It is basically just like SLC's festival of trees. We have some designer friends that participated that did a great job that some of you might know, Mary Snow (as in Paul), Terri Spendlove, and the Marshals. We got to watch the Desert Hills Chamber Choir and Women's Choir, plus a belly dance group from Sun River. It was a pretty good Sunday activity.

The biggest event of the weekend was that Lori got a new toilet. Jim and Bret put it in on Saturday. Lori has wanted a new one for a while and the old one began to overflow in the middle of the night so we got a new toilet. A big thanks to Jim for all the help and being willing to make 4 Home Depot trips in 2 hours!

Once Grandpa Jim uploads his pictures we'll link them here.

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, full of Family and Friends.