Easter Post:

Cody, Kim, Laney and the boys came for an Easter visit. Then Arti came too! Cody got a camping spot out at Sand Hollow Reservoir. We stayed with them for a night. They kids played (miles of sand box!). We had an Easter egg hunt with some of Kim’s extended family. We rolled eggs on the sand dunes (a Wilkinson/Langston tradition). Faye had a tumble in the sand that we caught on video. Of all of the video’s posted on the post this one is my favorite! It is a CAN’T MISS! She had to take a wash in the lake with all of the sand she got on her.

I also got some pictures of the Easter outfits. Notice I even have a matching pocket square. Faye got Grandpa Jim’s ‘we must have matching clothing gene’. Our stake had a big boundary change that weekend, so Bret is now the YM councilor with the teachers. He is pretty excited, but with the MBA-school, work and the house remodel… he has decided not to sleep anymore.

Bret and Cody went golfing at Sand Hollow that weekend. On the last hole (par 4) all Bret had to do was score an 9 or better to post his best score ever! He blew-up and posted a 10 on that hole! Out there somewhere Holland is saying, “What a head case…”


Lori S O said...

Great pics! I looks like fun. I can't see/find the video. I'd love to see it if I can figure it out.

Holland said...

Yes I am!