garden post

Garden Post:

So on this post I wanted to include some pictures of the Garden. We haven’t had the same success with our squash and zucchini this year, but you can see that we do have some stuff growing. Faye loves to eat the flowers off of the Bok Choy. Lori took a video of her stealing some and running away to her special chair to eat them.

There are some pictures of our strawberries, peaches and the beginning of some sunflowers (Lori is hiding in the background). Lori had a salad that she liked so much she had to take a picture… so that is included in the slide show too.

We enjoy the garden. Lori spent a lot of Sunday on our picnic blanket in the shade of the fruit trees reading a book today while Marley and Faye hunted for sweet peas. Hopefully by the time the snow reunion comes we have some veggies to share… Grandpa Alan style.

I also added some pictures of the Cottonwood fluff on Sunbrook GC when Faye and I went this weekend. Allergy suffers BEWARE! The fluff was about 1/4" thick on some fairways.