fam letter 9/15/08

This Thursday is opening night for Lori in “The Secret Garden”. She plays Ms. Medlock, the angry and stuffy housekeeper. She has been doing rehearsals for about a month and is very excited about the quality of the show. She says that there are some very talented people.

VF is crawling everywhere. She sure is a lot of fun. She and I have been able to spend lots of time together while Lori is doing the play. We golf a little, or watch sports and eat wings or go to scouts. Everywhere we go she makes friends. She waves and grunts at people until she gets their attention. She is a hit in line at the store or with the primary girls at church. She has a big sweet personality.

I have been doing lots of scout stuff lately. We had great big hiking event in Zions NP planned for the boys. I have a district training class that I am teaching next weekend. We have a Court of Honor on Wednesday and without a Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, or Assistant Scoutmaster getting that all set up has been a little more work then normal. Work is good. I am having a blast as a new Dad. VF and I are best buds.

We all had a good time at the Olsen reunion. Steve and TD are great. We wanted to thank everybody that made it a great time for us. VF even did great in her laundry basket bed.

We are looking forward to Conference weekend. Grandma Lori will be in town and so will Party Arti. We plan on going to Lori’s show Saturday and sleeping in Sunday and watching conference over mounds of chips and salsa with Stan and Betty.

Floyd and Marylin are doing very well. They are in Salt Lake visiting Bruce and Susan and seeing the Doctor. They are both feeling good and look great. We are so glad to live so close to them. Last week I got beef jerky for changing some light bulbs, a great trade.


Marylynn said...

What a fun blog! Great to see pictures of the Scouts and hear about the great hike. Any more Jacobisms to share? :-) We sure miss the ward. Our blog is, but it's pretty simple. Good luck to Lori in the play -- wish we were there to watch! Marylynn

Lindy Salmon said...

I opened your new blog while Anya was on my lap and she said, "Oh, cute baby!" That's more than Austria has got from her . . .