This weekend I went with the scouts on a 20 mile hike through Zions National Park. The boys needed to do a 20 miler to finish their hiking merit badge. The views were great and the sky was absolutely clear. Bishop Lance Greer attended with us and was a great support for the boys.

The hike took nearly 12 hours (average trail time from the trail guide was 10); we hiked from 9am to 9pm. We set up a shuttle by leaving a car at the visitor’s center near the park’s west entrance. Then we went with the older boys in our ward (Varsity and Ventures) to stay the night at Lava Point Campground. The Older boys went through the Subway.

We stopped at Potato Hollow for lunch and a water refill. The views from the scenic portion of the cabin springs loop were great. We finish refrigerator cabin just as it was getting dark. We did the last mile by moon light, it was full and absolutely gorgeous.

I am really pleased with the character and effort the boys showed. This was an incredible feat that they will always be able to say they accomplished. The way they each over came their own personal obstacles during the trip make them wonderful examples to me.


Holland said...

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