First Ever Blog

Hello Everyone:

We have had a great Spring. St George got an In'n out burger. It's official, St. George is now a part of Southern California. We went and it was just as good as Barstow I suppose.

We spent Easter weekend with Family here in town. We went hiking with Arti, and Cody/Kim and family to the Red Cliffs Pools. There were a ton of people and the water was very cold. Then we had Sunday dinner with Floyd and Marylin Wilkinson. LM and I spoke in church for Easter, what a nerve racking experience. There are pictures attached of a sleepy VF and an Easter bunny, and hike pictures.

For conference we went to Pine Valley with Lori Snow and just relaxed. Bob and Sharon were there too, and we enjoyed their company.

For Mothers Day we refurbished the floor in Marylin's front room. The 2 day project quickly became a 4 day one, but we learned lot and they look alright. We then went to Pine Valley to spend the weekend with Grandparents Stan and Betty Snow. Holland came with and on Friday night we went to our ward's Fathers and Sons held west of town in a pasture, we were sure to be home for the Jazz game. Lori Snow arrived on Saturday and we all played Dominoes and watched golf. Sunday Jim arrived and we had dinner, chicken wings and some great salads and Crowshaw's pie. Everybody trickled out later that afternoon. We really are glad to have the Snows back for the Summer.

VF is beginning to teeth. She kicks and giggles most the time and is a very good baby. She loves shiny toys and Jazz games. She is about 15 pounds now (5 months in a week). She thinks her uncle Holland is hilarious, loves the vacuum cleaner and really enjoys bath time.

LM was recently called to be the 2nd councilor in the Primary. She is in charge of Cub Scouts and is learning to like it. She isn't working and is enjoying being a stay at home mom. He does watch another 5 month old, MX, for our friend Amy A. MX and VF usually have alternating eat, sleep, play schedules so she keeps ahead of them most of the time.

Bret was called to be the second councilor in the young-men's and the scoutmaster. He is excited about getting to do stuff with the older boys, but will miss primary, and blazer scouts. He has been planning a big river rafting trip to Moab this summer and is glad he didn't get released after he did lots of leg work to get it settled. He is contemplating graduate school, and took the LSAT (Law school entrance exam), but didn't get the score he wanted or needed. So there is still the GMAT (MBA school).

Summer plans are up in the air. Who knows how many vacation days Bret will have after scout camp, and youth conference. Memorial Day we will be in SLC to watch a Bees game (how about those Angels!?).

We hope everyone is doing well. We wish the best of luck to Andy, also to Bob! So many baby blessings, so little time congratulations Niki and Harmonie! Grandma Olsen, we hope you are feeling better! To all of you soon to be graduates or just graduated friends and family, we are proud of you!

Love Bret, LM and VF