Here is the video promised in the previous post...


Easter Post:

Cody, Kim, Laney and the boys came for an Easter visit. Then Arti came too! Cody got a camping spot out at Sand Hollow Reservoir. We stayed with them for a night. They kids played (miles of sand box!). We had an Easter egg hunt with some of Kim’s extended family. We rolled eggs on the sand dunes (a Wilkinson/Langston tradition). Faye had a tumble in the sand that we caught on video. Of all of the video’s posted on the post this one is my favorite! It is a CAN’T MISS! She had to take a wash in the lake with all of the sand she got on her.

I also got some pictures of the Easter outfits. Notice I even have a matching pocket square. Faye got Grandpa Jim’s ‘we must have matching clothing gene’. Our stake had a big boundary change that weekend, so Bret is now the YM councilor with the teachers. He is pretty excited, but with the MBA-school, work and the house remodel… he has decided not to sleep anymore.

Bret and Cody went golfing at Sand Hollow that weekend. On the last hole (par 4) all Bret had to do was score an 9 or better to post his best score ever! He blew-up and posted a 10 on that hole! Out there somewhere Holland is saying, “What a head case…”


Lori's Birthday and the Kite Festival

Kite Festival & Lori’s Birthday:

We went to the kite festival at Sun River. There was no wind, but there was crazy corn, BBQ pork, potato skins, ice-cream, tamales, and tacos. Faye loved the train rides and all of the singing and dancing entertainment. Uncle Bob: If you have any pull with Dixie Escalante, please let them know the kite festival is a must for our family.

Lori wanted a garden theme for her birthday. Faye and I made a pie with bugs, worms, mud and grass. We also made everyone eat it with Home Depot shovels. Lori got a new Humming bird feeder with juice, an AGGIE shirt (of course), and live Ladybugs. Lori also got grilled fish and a salad. Hey it was her big day, so it was… her choice of dinner. Like it mattered, the next day we hit the buffet in a big way.

The birthday party weekend continued in Mesquite. Bret won a trip to beautiful Mesquite Nevada with his NCAA tournament knowledge (he got lucky on a couple true false questions…). So we went to Mesquite with our friends the Dottsons. Matt and Amy have a couple girls near Faye’s age. Don’t worry no gambling or crazy stuff happened. We went bowling, we flew kites (that whole business about not trying to retrieve a kite from power lines is bogus by the way) we swam, saw Hop, and just wiped out the Buffet. We had a great time. The Dottsons sure know how to party!



garden post

Garden Post:

So on this post I wanted to include some pictures of the Garden. We haven’t had the same success with our squash and zucchini this year, but you can see that we do have some stuff growing. Faye loves to eat the flowers off of the Bok Choy. Lori took a video of her stealing some and running away to her special chair to eat them.

There are some pictures of our strawberries, peaches and the beginning of some sunflowers (Lori is hiding in the background). Lori had a salad that she liked so much she had to take a picture… so that is included in the slide show too.

We enjoy the garden. Lori spent a lot of Sunday on our picnic blanket in the shade of the fruit trees reading a book today while Marley and Faye hunted for sweet peas. Hopefully by the time the snow reunion comes we have some veggies to share… Grandpa Alan style.

I also added some pictures of the Cottonwood fluff on Sunbrook GC when Faye and I went this weekend. Allergy suffers BEWARE! The fluff was about 1/4" thick on some fairways.


Faye's first stiches

On Saturday Bret was in charge of getting Faye to her Dance class. He helped her dress in her leotard and left early with a pre-planned route that avoided the ironman traffic. She got to class a little too early so she and some of her friends in class began to fool around on a trampoline (the small exercise kind). She ended up falling of and hitting her head on the corner of a wall.

The blood started pretty quickly, so Bret took her to the bathroom to sort out her hair and find the cut. Faye was screaming pretty frantically. It was split pretty good so Bret rushed her to the insta-care for stitches.

The doctor didn't want to have to cut her hair and Faye didn't want that either. So They chose staples.

See what happens when Lori leaves Bret and Faye alone for a few hours?

Happy Mothers Day Lori! We love how you keep us out of trouble and out of the hospital.

oh yeah... today I was asked by someone, "who is Cee-Lo Green?"
Well in reponse here is some Gnarles Barkley, that means it is Cee-Lo + Danger Mouse (the guy that produced the Gorillaz beats). Check the awesome videos for a sample. The video is a promotion of the Odd Couple album and that is why Cee-lo is dressed as Darth Vader and Danger Mouse is dressed as Obi Wan.