Faye's first stiches

On Saturday Bret was in charge of getting Faye to her Dance class. He helped her dress in her leotard and left early with a pre-planned route that avoided the ironman traffic. She got to class a little too early so she and some of her friends in class began to fool around on a trampoline (the small exercise kind). She ended up falling of and hitting her head on the corner of a wall.

The blood started pretty quickly, so Bret took her to the bathroom to sort out her hair and find the cut. Faye was screaming pretty frantically. It was split pretty good so Bret rushed her to the insta-care for stitches.

The doctor didn't want to have to cut her hair and Faye didn't want that either. So They chose staples.

See what happens when Lori leaves Bret and Faye alone for a few hours?

Happy Mothers Day Lori! We love how you keep us out of trouble and out of the hospital.

oh yeah... today I was asked by someone, "who is Cee-Lo Green?"
Well in reponse here is some Gnarles Barkley, that means it is Cee-Lo + Danger Mouse (the guy that produced the Gorillaz beats). Check the awesome videos for a sample. The video is a promotion of the Odd Couple album and that is why Cee-lo is dressed as Darth Vader and Danger Mouse is dressed as Obi Wan.


Cody said...

Oh, how sad :( Love you guys, give Faye a squeeze from us.

Haven said...

Ouch! No fun. I hope the staples do the trick. Glad she didn't have to lose her hair.

Lindy Salmon said...

Staples?! She must be one tough girl!