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New addition to our family

Hello family!

I just wanted everyone to know what's new in our life this week. About six months ago we heard about Maridania and her cousin William. They are from Guatemala and needed a place to stay. We decided then that we would be willing to take them, but didn't hear anything else about it until just a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, since then William has been found a guardianship, so he's with another family, but Maridania still needed a place to go. She moved in with us on Tuesday night, and so far everything is going great. She's 11-years old, and as you can see, she and Faye get along great. Faye keeps asking for "girl" whenever Mari isn't here. We'll keep everyone posted on how things are going and be sure to check our blog! Love you all. Take care this holiday season, and we miss you!

love, Lori

Editor's note: I wanted to include Lori's email to her family here. I would better know how to address your questions on Maridrania if you posted them on the comments board. I'll try and get them by Sunday...?

I also wanted to add some pictures from Thanksgiving. We had Rob and Melinda stay at our house with their two boys. Faye and the boys got along well, especially with cartoons on the HULU. Dave and Kendra and their family were all here too, but they stayed at the Abby Inn. We had a great Turkey day at Floyd's. Holland even came, we (Holland and I ) took a football nap after the turkey.

My finger is feeling fine for those that have been asking.I cut it whittling a bolo tie for a scout that got his eagle. Pictures of some of my favorite scouts are included form that court of honor.

Also included is a picture of Faye still in her Halloween costume 3 weeks later, she loves it. Reminded me of the book "Where the Wild Things Are"



Ramblings and Faye pics

Well the World Series is over and I am going through withdrawals. Man the Yankees were good! I wish the Angels could have signed CC or Cliff, at least they tried.

Ohh and the Angels signed Bobby Abreu over the weekend, come on Lackey, and Figgins!

Faye and I enjoyed some of it at Red Robin. She loved it there, especially the Mac'n Cheese, the crayons with coloring book, endless stake fries, a special kids cup, balloons and a giant statue of a Robin that is easily mistaken for a giant DUCK.

We have been sick this week. Faye has been snotty and Lori missed 2 days of work and rehearsal, then I came home early today. Instacare said it wasn't the swine flu, so that's good.

Ohh and I don't think I have blogged about Lori's show. She is playing the Mom in the stage version of The Christmas Story. She is really enjoying the production and how organized and professional it is. It will be playing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Here is a link to the website:

Ohh I took my stitches out yesterday, look'n good.


We had so much fun on Halloween.

The night before we cooked Home-made Spudnuts (Donuts with a potato base). Floyd came, so did Stan and Betty, Holland came later and we had most of the kids in the neighborhood in our driveway. It has become one of our favorite Halloween traditions.

Halloween we went to our ward Trunk-r-treat. Faye was a Pegasus Unicorn, Lori was a witch and I was Tiger Woods. Faye really took the Candy in... Then we went to Holland's and watched the World Series game. It was a long night... thank goodness for the "Fall back".

I think I included a picture of my finger in the slides too so check out the Halloween scar.

TV is overrated

Tonight we are listening to the World Series on the radio. I have listened to the radio broadcasts of the majority of the baseball games this postseason. I have seen a couple games on TV too, but have really enjoyed the radio. Here are my top 5 reasons I like the radio.

1. I get my chores done with the radio.

2. Less beer commercials.

3. No shots of Kate Hudson.

4. No Melky-fake-out throw to the stands.

5. Joe Morgan is great.


I cut myself whittling

On Tuesday this week I cut myself whittling a witch bolo tie for Halloween.
I cut deep enough to "nick" my tendon. It took 12 stitches and damaged some nerves. I felt pretty dumb, but here are some of the pictures.


10 reasons why America should be rooting for the Angels

L.A. Times staff writer Bill Shaikin offers 10 reasons why America should be rooting for the Angels to beat the New York Yankees in the ALCS:

1The Yankees had their century.

2The Angels could become the first team to knock the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox out of the playoffs in the same season, ridding us of both the teams that are force-fed to America all summer.

3What do the Yankees call a $1,250 seat? Half-price.

4Torii Hunter! Say anything! Down with the bland corporate personalities of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira!

5If the Angels and Dodgers win, how cool would it be to see Gail and Dave Weaver rooting their boys on, wearing those custom-designed, half-Angels, half-Dodgers jerseys?

6Can you imagine the disgusted looks on the faces of New Yorkers if Joe Torre gets into the World Series and the Yankees do not? Better yet: Jeff Weaver gets into the World Series and the Yankees do not.

7The Angels have the rally monkey. The Yankees have bleacher creatures.

8The Yankees charge $20 for a stadium tour. No game included.

9Biggest contracts in baseball history: 1. Rodriguez ($275 million); 2. Rodriguez ($252 million); 3. Jeter ($189 million); 4. Teixeira ($180 million); 5. CC Sabathia ($161 million).

10The Angels have won the World Series more recently than the Yankees. America loves a winner.

Copyright © 2009, The Los Angeles Times



This weekend we traveled to Salt Lake City to participate in NAMI WALKS with my sister ARTI and the rest of TEAM VOLDEMORT (CODY, KIM, PARKER, AIDEN HOLLAND, LORI SNOW. Thanks to many of you we riased more than our team goal and the event total was greater than $50k!

I'll add pictures again later once we get some from CODY and ARTI.

Later that night we went to the CSU game in Provo vs. BYU. We were suprised to see that Ann had made it all the way from Fort Collins! We caught up, Faye ate peanuts, nachos, root beer and the neighbor's candy... ohh and snacks form the nice lady across the isle. She really liked to throw nut shells on the ground.

I was not too concerned about pictures so I only got 2 on my phone and missed pictures of Ann and Darren all together (Ann had a great be-dazzled CSU hat)! I will have to be better when we go to Vegas.

Before the game we had hot dogs and swam at Grandma Lori's! Thanks for being such a great host MOM!


Bret's plea for the NAMI walks... and some pictures in the middle

About 7 years ago I was fighting a bought of depression. My grades in school fell, I lost intrest in most everything, and felt awful about who I was. I had friends, mission comanions and family members with mental illness issues, but it was hard for me to admit that I needed help myself. After waiting too long, and with some encouragment from my family, I finally asked for some help. I wish I could have overcome the stigma of seeking help for my problem earlier.

Just yesterday I was asked to walk in a fundrasier for a group that is helping to fight the stigma of mental illness. Arti, my little sister, used to intern/work for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and has kept some ties with the group and the cause.

I am supposed to tell you everything in a form letter that I am attaching, but the most important thing I need to tell you is that I am well short of my NAMI fundraising goal of $100 (I've only had one day). If you can spare $5 here is where you can donate: I can turn donations in the morning of, so if you want to pass me a contribution in person that is okay too, I'll come by and get it (my cell 773-3521).

The organization is very flat with no frills, I don't even get a t-shirt for walking, all the money goes to this important cause. You can check it out here: Ohh and if you don't donate now, remember it soon will be Friends of Scouting time so save up.


Here are the promised pictures, with captions.

Here is the attached letter from NAMI!

Dear Friend,

I am writing you today to tell you about an upcoming event that I am participating in that is both very important and very exciting to me. It is NAMIWalks for the Mind of America, NAMI’s signature walkathon event that is being held in Salt Lake City, UT at Spring Mobile Ballpark (was Franklin Covey Field) on September 26, 2009.

I would like to ask you to come and walk with me or to donate to support my participation in this great event. Visit my personal walker page to sign up: It features a link to my team's page where you can see who else is walking with me. There is also a link so you can donate directly to me online. Donating online is fast and secure, and I'll get immediate notification via e-mail of your donation.

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the largest education, support and advocacy organization that serves the needs of all those whose lives are touched by these illnesses. This includes persons with mental illness, their families, friends, employers, the law enforcement community and policy makers. The NAMI organization is composed of approximately 1100 local affiliates, 50 state offices and a national office.

The goals of the NAMIWalks program are: to fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness, to build awareness of the fact that the mental health system in this country needs to be improved, and to raise funds for NAMI so that they can continue their mission.

NAMI is a 501(c)3 charity and any donation you make to support my participation in this event is tax deductible. NAMI has been rated by Worth magazine as among the top 100 charities "most likely to save the world" and has been given an "A" rating by The American Institute of Philanthropy for efficient and effective use of charitable dollars.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Bret Olsen


okay so I removed the Hoff's playlist

So after about 10 minutes of the Hoff I was getting really irritated at him so the playlist is taking a break...

Thats right America's Got Talent is over...

Thats right America's Got Talent is over but the Hoff lives on... Enjoy the new playlist it's Hoff-the hook, or plain Hoff-ul whatever...


Cadbury Eyebrows

This British Advert reminded me of my brother Cody, who has quite amazing Eye Brows.


ohh and we got a dog

We tried to get pictures before the sun went down while in Zions NP. This was as good as we got of just our family. It is our first picture of Marley, our new boarder collie, on the blog. She is a great dog and she and Faye get along famously so far. The picture would be much better if someone could keep his eyes open durring the red eye pre flash.


August 2009

We had a great time with the family this last weekend in Zion's NP. We did Orderville Canyon into the Narrows. It was the first time repelling for some. We took Arti, Cody, Kim, Lori M, Bret, and my friends Brent and Ryan. Thank you Mom and Dad for watching the kids and dogs (they had run-ins with the cops twice while we were gone). Thank you Dad and Cody for the shuttle car trip. WOW we did allot of mud on the way back!

I just wanted to do a quick note on the passing of Lori's Mom, Marilyn. She passed on Tuesday, August 4th with Lori, Her sweetheart Floyd and sister Deanna in the hospital room with her. We had some very special and tender experiences over the first two weeks of August and are very grateful to our family and friends for their support.

We are especially grateful for the comfort of the Holy Ghost and its wittiness of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also grateful for some of the tender-mercies allowed by our Heavenly Father as He prepared us for her passing. We know Marilyn is happy, safe and busy on important business for our Savior.

I've included the program here, click on it for a closer view:


A prescription from Dr. Spaceman


havisupai hike, summer fun

Here are some pictures from our havisupai hike. I went with a great bunch of guys from the Sunset 4th ward. We spent 2 nights and 3 days in the Grand Canyon area. I hope to post more about it later.

These are some pictures from the splash pad downtown and also walking around up on the sugarloaf (red hill).


Belated "Happy Fathers Day"

Happy Father's Day! I know it is a little late, but I wanted to share with everyone my great Father's Day gift from Faye. She is getting to be so organized. She loves to gather things and put them away, in this video she really puts her talent to good use. We had Floyd and Marilyn over for dinner this sunday and Lori made a great batch of pies. We also had shish-kabobs and potato salad. the weather was great and we relaxed on the patio. It was a great, lazy Father's Day afternoon.


PS: Lori and I are hiking the Narrows and have a few remaining spots on our permit if anyone would like to come with us on August 22nd.


Happy 50th Floyd and Marilyn

Over the Fourth of July weekend Lori's parents had an open house celebrating their 50 years together. All of Lori's Brothers and their families traveled to St George for the event. The crowd was over 30 people strong and included Camden Marchant (great grand child) Marilyn's brothers Albert (WY) and Brent (Price) Langston and their families and many others from all over the West. It was the first time that some of the cousins had seen each other in over 6 years, and with Ryan Wilkinson (Mike's oldest) set to go on a mission it will be the last opportunity for that to happen over the next two years.

We had a reception on Friday night complete with singing and memories about Floyd and Marilyn. Rich (Lori's brother) was in charge of the music and program and even composed a song that he an Lori sang in honor of the couple. The daughters-in-law decoration and cake committee did a wonderful job turning park benches into a beautiful outdoor reception (the cakes and punch were awesome). We were so glad so many old friends showed to remember and celebrate Marilyn and Floyd.

We had a golf outing on Friday morning to Sky Mountian in Hurricane. Winners include:

Open Champion: Daren Wilkinson
Grandpa Division 1st Place: David Wilkinson
Mr. Congeniality: Rob Wilkinson
Long Ball Champion: Rich Wilkinson
Fox and Hound Division 1st Place: Mike Wilkinson
College Champ: Ryan Wilkinson
Women's Open Division 1st Place: Ann Wilkinson
Best-Ricochet-Off-of-a-House: Holland Olsen
Novice Division Champ: ("Little") David Wilkinson
Only One '3' Putt: Bret Olsen

The rest of the family did a marathon shopping trip in preparation for the party, 7 stores in 3 hours!

Thursday night we went to the temple for Ryan's endowment. It was very special to be there with all of Lori's family. We felt the spirit very strongly and it reaffirmed the importance of and our commitment to eternal families. Thank you Ryan for choosing to include us in this special occasion.

We had lots of fun playing games until 2 in the morning, playing a marco polo game for almost 4 hours, In n'out Burgers, Fireworks at Aunt Deanna's, Movies, pool, a great vacation house, yelling at Uncle Bruce, spending an extra 2 days with Rob & Mindy and their boys, and a whole bunch of other fun things.

Thank you to all those that made this such a great weekend!!!


west rim 09 4th ward preists

Yesterday I was able to go on a hike down the West Rim Trail in Zions with the boys in our new ward. Yes that is right after 3 years of scouts in the St George 16th Ward, I was called to be the YM secretary in the Sunset 4th Ward, only 2 sundays after moving into the 4th ward. I love being in the youngmens, it is the best calling.

Anyway here are some of the pictures of the hike. We did it in about 9 hours. Brother Stucki's(red pack)GPS says it took about 14.5 miles to do. We didn't do the Angel's landing section, but did leave the trail at potato hollow springs and cabin springs.

Our time was about 3.5 hours faster than when I went with the deacons last fall, because of the increased pace my calves are feeling it more this time.

Did I ever post that Lori was called to be the singing lady in primary? She loves it. She likes to make the props and practice the songs. Currently she is trying to mearge "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" with "Jesus once was a little child" for the july song. She is so talented.



Two posts in two days

Here are some more pictures from our remodel and from Lori's 50th birthday celebration in SLC @ the Bees game double header.



we're back on the net

Cell Phone pictures from the last couple months:

From the slide show you can see how much we love our little one, and how much she likes the sprinklers, helping daddy at home depot, wearing her shirt like a hat, Memorial Day balloons, chaseing a tortise under the subaru and playing with daddy's trailer tie-downs. There is also a picture of the artichoke plant growing wild in the weeds out back and Bella (Grandma Lori's Poodle) helping out the day we layed our floor.


Closing Day TODAY

Well we closed on our house Friday afternoon. It wasn't painful at all, there were nice comfy chairs and sodas and cookies with sprinkles. We were done in less than an hour. The seller still needs to sign, and the deed needs to be recorded, but we hope to get keys by Monday.

Lori has been packing like crazy. Faye gets anxious when we move things around and pack her stuff, but has been getting better at putting things in boxes and not taking them out again.

I hope we can find some help on Wednesday night because there are 3 other people in our ward moving on that evening too. Our ward has some student housing and with graduation happening this week there is allot of moving going on. We had hoped on closing a week ago (and before that a month ago)so we could do some work on the house. Ohh well we will just have to take it as is.

We helped Stan and Betty move in to their place on Wednesday night. We are very excited to have them in the area again. We will be living within a few hundred yards of each other once we move.


Lori's Birthday Candle

My Dad Jim is a rep for a company that sends card and gifts by mail. By far the coolest gift they have are these crazy candles that light up and play music. Lori and the little one just love them. Here are some pics of the fun...


How superman shoud have ended


bret's hike

Come and see some pictures of bret's hike last Friday and Saturday.


Elder Holland Easter message

This came from off of the and is pretty good.

Have a great Easter everybody.



Adam Ward

Here is an article about a really talented friend of ours that just put out a CD, Adam Ward. Lori bought his album and she and the little one sure enjoy it. Congratulations and Good Luck ADAM! Hopefully we can attend your live concert this July in Yosemite NP.


The move is off... for now

We have had a set back with the house. The bank won't be able to close until the 23rd of April, so we are living out of boxes in the Apartment still. We have an aggressive schedule to keep to get some work done on the house between when we close and when we have to be out of the apartments. I hope we can do some tile and Lori wants some painting done.

Good news is that the property managers of where we are now hadn't rented our place yet so we still get to stay where we are until we need to get out.


cousin Beth's youngest son passed away

My cousin Beth's youngest son passed away on Monday night. Here is a copy of his obit from the Spectrum. We got to go to the hospital soon after he passed. It was pretty tragic. It is a parent's worst nightmare. Lori and I both pray for comfort for everyone involved.

I am so grateful for my eternal family.

Caden Rex Stubbs made an early entrance into our hearts on July 15, 2008. Full of strength and courage, he brought wonder and love to all who met him. Caden quietly returned to his Father in Heaven on March 23, 2009.

How very gently you tiptoed into our world, almost silently. For a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your spirit has left upon our hearts.

Survivors include his parents Curtis and Beth Stubbs of Colorado City, Arizona, grandparents Thayn & Marian Hansen of Leeds, Utah, and David and Sally Stubbs of Colorado City; siblings Kasey, Kaitlyn and Curtis "C. J."; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

He was preceded in death by great-grandparents Rex Olsen and Arlene Hansen, and uncles Alex, Ritchie and Skippy.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 3:00 PM (Utah Time) at the Kaibab LDS Ward Chapel in Moccasin, Arizona, 5 miles north of Pipe Springs National Monument. Viewings will be held Friday evening from 7:00-8:00 PM in the Leeds Utah LDS Chapel, and Saturday afternoon from 1:30-2:45 PM at the Kaibab Ward Chapel. Burial will be in the Colorado City Cemetery under the direction of Mosdell Mortuary.


Muke a Western Lowland gorilla, has died after a yearlong fight with cancer

Kim sent this to me. We just visited Muke on Saturday.

Beloved Hogle Zoo Gorilla Dies After
Fight with Aggressive Cancer

Utah's Hogle Zoo is saddened to announce that Muke, their beloved female Western Lowland gorilla, has died after a yearlong fight with cancer in her reproductive tract. Within the last week, it became obvious Muke's quality of life was drastically diminishing and Zoo staff collectively made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize her on Monday afternoon.

Muke has lived at Utah's Hogle Zoo for thirteen years-since 1996, and was dearly loved and well known to not only Zoo members, but also the community. The efforts of those that have worked so closely with Muke and who bravely helped her through the last days of her life are greatly appreciated.

A memory book where Hogle Zoo visitors and staff can share thoughts and stories about Muke will be available in the Great Ape Building in the lobby near the gorilla exhibit.


"Ta Da"

I got some more pictures from Valentines weekend from Arti so I am posing this album again. There are some new "Ta Da" ones of the little one that are pretty good. I don't think we talked about hiking around Snow Canyon ST park, well we did, and there are some pictures from that too.

I can't find my camera, have you seen it? Maybe with ARTI's phone?

I think there is a stray of a scout campout in there too. My scouts are awesome. On this campout we went with 2 other wards and my boys were the very best behaved. They sure make me very proud. Troop yell: "NOT IT". It drove the stake leaders nuts that anytime someone said, "16th ward" the boys would yell "NOT IT" at the top of their lungs.

Man was it weird having the weekend off from scouts. Ohh well, at least we have scouting for food coming.

Also did anyone catch the USU win over Nevada? Awesome! "Seasoned, Mature Grown Men" the announcer kept saying. Did you know that Gary Wilkinson is older than 200 of the players in the NBA? LDS missions are the greatest. "You think college is hard? Go get a job in a 3rd world country for 2 years." Was my other favorite quote during the half time show.

Anybody ready for the bracket-ology to begin? TIP ONE: Cody will take your money and not feel guilty.

I'm 30! So I went retro with the play list to a band I remember from the 80's. Oh and one of the songs features BILL SHATNER which is cool too. Birthday notes: Breakfast play time with villa, golf with Holland, Red Robin Bonsai Burger and Fries with Lori, USU game with Holland...What a perfect day.
Man can Holland hit a ball. 35 on 9 at Red Hills this week... CRAZY.

We have made an offer on a home and if all things go well we will spending confrence weekend loading the piano down the stairs. Here is a picture of what we hope will be our home.

Lori has been working on paint, tile and carpet samples. She is ready.

Villa checked out the back yard and found ants, she's so excited.


Kuala Pork and Karaoke

Valentines Day weekend is turning out to be so fun for us. Lori and I attended a show tunes concert of Broody Perry’s on Friday night. Lori takes voice lessons from him on occasion. He was very good. Best line of the night came from his violin soloist. The audience was mostly older and he said (before a Rockmonanoff piece) “let’s get it go’n! Open the piano lid all the way and turn your hearing aids down!!”

Afterward we met up with Arti, Holland and Carly at the Hawaiian Grill for some Kuala Pork and Karaoke. Everybody sang at least one song. Lori loves to belt out party favorites like “Oops I did it again” and “Turn around Bright eyes”. Villa just wanders around the restaurant and hung out with the great Polynesian families that are regulars on karaoke night.

Here are some pictures and the play list this week is a sample of our favorite songs we sang.


As a family we went to see Holland participate in the Mr. Dixie Pageant on Friday night. Arti came in town to watch too and stayed the night. Holland was a very strong contestant, even in the dance number. His Talent was catching food (marshmallows and DOTS) in his mouth from distances and over his shoulder. It helps that his mouth is so big, it’s like fielding a baseball with industrial sized cargo net. He even was named MR CONGENIALITY!!! He is such a fun kid, we really enjoyed it.

Sunday we watched the Super Bowl at Paul and Tara Mogle’s home. They live in the Pine View Area, so they are pretty close. Their two little boys are a hoot. We cheered for the Cards, and they came sooo closssse! As far as Sunday evenings go, I say any time I get to eat Cheetos, Lil’Smokies and yell at Referees I am the real winner.

Our youngmen’s Basketball team won their first game this week, after being blown out by 20+ points the previous 2 weeks. I am still super involved in scouts, and because a non-member 12 year old in the area is getting baptized this month, he will have 3 Deacons, the most in the ward in 5 years!

Lori is teaching Villa how to blow kisses and say “NO”, well that second part she learned on her own. She has told Bret “no more kids until I get a house!” so she shops for homes on the internet and has new ones for Bret to see everyday when he gets home form work. She was completely opposed to the idea a year ago, but has had a change of heart. She is super cute and growing her hair a little longer. She has some auditions coming so hopefully a new show will be in the works soon (she even has been practicing her singing).

Very soon we hope to get more visitors, like Rob and Mindy and Arti again. We love In’N Out Burger so let us know if you are cruising through so we can get a shake or something.


Just an Update

There have been so exciting things happening in our “friends column”. Arti and Mom Olsen hanging with the Liberal Elite in DC, Amber getting engaged (awesome), Camille and a little Warning (that no breathing thing really sucks), Michelle and Brian in a new home. We are so happy for everyone!

Little news here. Bret had his tonsils out. The operation took 30 minutes, but the anesthetic kicked his butt so much he was in Post Op/recovery for 7 hours. He took 3days off work, and went back this morning to a full desk and plenty of yelling to do without a voice.

Lori and VF are having fun in their play group. They went to the park this week and VF finally decided wood chips are okay to play in. Previous trips to the park yielded a princess that wanted to be held and not walk in the chips.

Bret got a Second Miler award during the Virgin River District’s annual officers/awards banquet. He is excited to start a new year with a whole new budget to blow through with the boys. Here is the link to the Troop Blog he has been doing: Check it for Snow cave pictures.


GREAT Christmas

We hope everybody had a GREAT Christmas season. Lori remarked today that we had too many blessings. I have to agree that we sure have had fun this winter so far. Thanks to all of you that visited, called and sent greetings, we loved hearing from so many of you.

Christmas we stayed at home. VF had too much great video, I'll have to edit it some before we can post it. We spent the latter part of the day with Floyd and Marylin. They also came with us to Pine Valley for New Years.

We got to see Rob and Mindy's bunch as they traveled to and from CA for David's Missionary homecoming (welcome back David). Then We saw Big and little Davids and the rest of the gang as Kendra and co took him to BYU for the Spring semester.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.